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It’s Shawl Relative!

tracking digital data with my knitting Hey everyone! This past week has been a nightshift shawl frenzy and I've been loving every minute of it. As a knitter who is obsessed with learning more about the digital world, this week has scratched both of those spots for me! This post is a little different from… Continue reading It’s Shawl Relative!

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Four Knitting Designers You Might Not Know

Hello, everyone! Happy December. As I frantically work to finish my Christmas knitting, I wanted to make some time to think about what's going to be on my needles next. So, I have compiled a list of four knitters that you might not know about yet, in the spirit of finding some new projects for… Continue reading Four Knitting Designers You Might Not Know

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How I Wet Block A Finished Project

a technique for finishing knitted and crocheted items Wet blocking is a rather new technique to me, and since incorporating it into my finishing process, I wished I would have learned about it sooner! There are three main ways to block knit/crochet items: steam blocking, spray blocking, and wet blocking. Today, I am going to… Continue reading How I Wet Block A Finished Project