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Why I Knit and Crochet

an argument for knitting as a coping mechanism and stress reliever

Hello, everyone! If you follow American politics, you’ll know that there was a presidential election last night, and as of posting this, the winner still has not been declared. It is a stressful time for many with so much riding on this election. I thought it would be a nice idea to share why I knit and crochet, because the time I spend knitting and crocheting immensely helps my mental health and gives me something to focus on other than the news! If you’re interested in learning more about why I spend so much time with tiny needles and intricate patterns, read on…

Peace and Healing

One of my other hobbies is playing musical instruments: guitar, flute, ukulele, and piano. During one of my lessons with my flute teacher, we got on the topic of why he plays the flute. He shared with me that it brings him peace to play music. I’ve never forgotten this conversation, and I have reevaluated the way I spend my time to pursue more personal peace. It just makes so much sense to me. If what you do doesn’t bring peace and calm to your soul, change that! Knitting is a source of peace for me. I like to have my quiet, alone time, which knitting occupies quite seamlessly.

Kitty cuddles help with peace and healing, too šŸ™‚


Feeling the rhythmic pass of my needles through even stitches comforts me. It is incredibly reassuring to know that my projects will be there for me after a long day. Knitting/crocheting gives me something to do in my free time, a way to make tense election results pass quickly, something to do while I listen to podcasts, audiobooks, or overhear sports games, and something to look forward to. Having a passion (or multiple passions!) in life brings a sense of reassurance because you know you have something for which you seek out and make time.


I have learned so much from knitting and crocheting! I have learned more than skills and techniques, too; the history of knitting is intriguing for me, and I plan to make a post about it one day. I have learned about fibers, animals, materials, textiles, geography, sewing, theory, and history. I have learned about garment design and structure. I use a lot of math and conceptual knowledge to put my projects together. Knitting and crocheting has broadened my worldview, and for that, I am grateful.

See my last post about this Jamieson’s of Shetland wool that I learned about!

Rewarding/Sense of Achievement

Knitting and crocheting provide a quiet space with stable elements that gives me a sense of achievement. It is rewarding to see your handiwork grow from your needles, to see patterns make sense, to see braided cables begin to interlock, and to see colorwork make a vibrant design. Finishing a project and being able to wear it or gift it proudly is something I look forward to every time I start a new project. As I work on Christmas gifts right now, I feel so warm and fulfilled to be able to gift my family members something I made. I derive a lot of pride my from work, and that’s a good thing! I feel proud of my growth and proud of my accomplishments that brought me to where I am now as a knitter and crocheter.

One of my yarn baskets

Something to Share/Community

I love having a talent that I can share with and teach other people, like you! Being a part of the yarn craft community is so fulfilling for me. I appreciate the advice, finished projects, techniques, and ideas we can share with one another. Having such a fantastic community surrounding my hobbies makes it that much more fun and exciting. There is so much positivity on knitting and crochet Instagram, Facebook, and Ravelry pages. Lifting one another up and praising finished projects and progress is so encouraging to see. I feel encouraged by the men and women who knit and crochet that are adding new pages in the history of our craft every day.

If you’re new to the knit and crochet community, welcome. I hope you feel at home here. I hope your craft brings you peace, reassurance, education, a sense of acheivement, and something to share like it does for me.

Until we talk next, happy knitting and crocheting! Remember to take some time to protect your personal peace.

*The pin, reading “I voted,” in the featured image is from Spun, a local yarn store.*


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