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Four Knitting Designers You Might Not Know

Hello, everyone! Happy December. As I frantically work to finish my Christmas knitting, I wanted to make some time to think about what’s going to be on my needles next. So, I have compiled a list of four knitters that you might not know about yet, in the spirit of finding some new projects for the new year. These designers inspire me and create some gorgeous pieces. I hope you check them out!

Up first is Denise Bayron from Bayron Handmade. Back in October, I knit my first ever Bayron Handmade pattern – my Hatdana – and was absolutely impressed by how clearly the pattern was written. The pattern contained links to videos demonstrating certain techniques used in the garment, and was a very user-friendly document to navigate. Since finishing this hatdana, I have been following her on instagram and added some of her other patterns to my ravelry favorites, like her Moving Forward Wrap. She has an exclusive pattern and featured article being published in Laine Magazine on December 11th! If you are interested in seeing more from Denise, here is her website, instagram, and ravelry page.

Denise Bayron of Bayron Handmade in her Moving Forward Wrap. Click on photo to follow the source link.

Next is Vicky Knits. I found Vicky Knits earlier this year and was pulled in by the dreamy, chunky, and squishy yarn she uses in her vests and sweaters. I’d like to personally credit Vicky Knits for making sweater vests cool again!! Her pastel color palette, intarsia colorwork, and modular garments bring a unique, whimsical perspective to knitting with bulky yarn that I haven’t seen before now. Marzia Kjellberg, a personal style icon for me, just shared a photo of a Vicky Knits’ vest she knit! If you would like to see more from Vicky, here are her etsy and instagram pages.

Vicky Knits, Instagram

I have very recently discovered Dan Lee of Edwin John Knits and have been in awe of his patterns! Dan knows how to work the color wheel. His incredibly vibrant color stories in his stranded knitting and fair isle projects are unparalleled. If you are looking for inspiration, scroll through his instagram page and find his designs on ravelry. I am planning on making the Brand New Day cowl as soon as I can. I love the wintery snowdrop color choices that are so rich and bright. This cowl is on the top of my list to make!

Brand New Day Cowl, Edwin John Knits Instagram

Jake Henzler from Boy Knits World has been a true inspiration to me for what you can do with fair isle knitting. His Copenhagen Building Blocks are so charming and sweet. I would love to make some of these and arrange them into a wall hanging or lined blanket. It would be a great way to use up some extras in my stash, and a fun case study in flat fair isle knitting. Jake also has some tiny knitted stuffed animal patterns. You can find his patterns on ravelry and I suggest giving him a follow on instagram, too!

Boy Knits World, Instagram

I truly admire these four designers and the work that they do. I would love to hear about the people that inspire you and the knitting that makes you want to drop everything and cast on a new project. There is so much fun to be had with colors, designs, and textures that I look forward to every day. Until we talk next, happy December!

*Disclaimer: with the exception of the featured photo, the photos in this post do not belong to me. All photos have been linked back to their source and deserve full respect to their original posting place.*


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