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Hatdana by Bayron Handmade

I am so excited to share this finished project with you all today! Last week, I was browsing through my Ravelry favorites, trying to find a fun, quick project to make, when I remembered I favorited this fantastic hat-bandana-kerchief combo. I downloaded the pattern and two days later, I had my very own knitted “hatdana.” I love it. This item feels so “me” and, when showing it to my sister, she said, “that is totally something you would make!”

I decided to do a fall photo shoot for my hatdana. I hope you enjoy these photos showcasing my new favorite accessory! (Shoutout to my husband for being my top supporter and skilled on-call photographer.)

I purchased the pattern on Ravelry and found it to be one of the best patterns I have ever followed, in terms of clarity, assistance from the pattern writer, and presentation. Sprinkled throughout the pattern document were links to YouTube videos that specifically showcased how to complete a technique or section of the pattern. You’ll notice there is a cabled motif running down the center line of the hatdana; one of the videos linked in the pattern demonstrated how to execute this cable without a cable needle. I found this to be so helpful and complimented the pattern quite well. I tip my hatdana to you, Bayron Handmade!

Cabled motif that runs down the center of the hatdana

This project is knitted from the point to the ribbed hem, initially working flat and then joining to work in the round. I affixed three tassels to the point to add some flair! I also wet blocked this to really smooth out the wool and define the cabled section.

Another element I appreciated of this pattern was the pattern introduction. The pattern writer says that this accessory helps her to “be my most authentic self. It reminds me to surround myself with people who welcome and accept the real me.” I thought this was such an encouraging and inclusive message to promote. Thank you for writing this! Thank you for including authentic identity in the safe space we call knitting.

I knit this with my favorite Cascade 220 Heathers 100% wool yarn in the color 2453 Pumpkin Spice. (Fitting color name, no?) The pattern calls for 100% wool yarn with good stitch definition, and I thought this one worked wonderfully; it was 40 degrees Fahrenheit when we were taking photos of my hatdana and it kept my face, neck, and head so warm!

I would highly recommend this project to anyone, but specifically a knitter who is interested in beginning to knit cables. This would be an awesome, rewarding first cabled project to knit! I also have a post on how to knit cables if you are interested. This is a wonderful project that I will certainly be making again soon. I hope you try it out, too!


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