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Quick Gifts You Can Finish by Christmas!

With a little over two and a half weeks until Christmas, it is officially crunch time! I am knitting and crocheting as fast as I can over here to try and finish the gifts I’m giving this year. I thought perhaps you might find yourself in a pinch and need a quick gift to whip up for a loved one. Here are my ideas for quick gifts you can finish by Christmas.

In the spirit of bringing support to small businesses and designers, I have shared Instagram photos and accounts for these projects. If you are on Instagram, I encourage you to give them a follow and check out their work!


Classic Ribbed Hat (Knit)

The first hat I recommend is the Classic Ribbed Hat by Purl Soho. I have made many of these and they work so well for gifts. (I’m even wearing one of these now as I write this!) Beanies are gender neutral, fit for all ages, and do not require much yarn to make, meaning you can shop your stash to find something that will work. I used Berroco Vintage DK for mine, but most sport or DK weight yarn will look wonderful for this wardrobe staple.

Tilda Hat (Knit)

This hat is chunky, squishy, and looks harder than it is. The larger cable motif is sure to impress anyone who receives this and a fun pom-pom polishes this nicely! I have made some of these using Berroco Vintage Chunky yarn, but any bulkier weight yarn will do. You could even make one of these with two strands of lighter weight yarn held together.

Fair Isle Hat (Knit)

If you would like something with a manageable amount of colorwork, this fair isle hat is it. This hat would be perfect for the guys in your life, though I think it could suit anyone. One thing to note about this hat is that the pattern runs small, especially if this is for a man. I suggest casting on 20 extra stitches (120 stitches total), which is equal to one more pattern repeat. This will allow for some stretch that often disappears with (tight) fair isle knitting. This hat is a great introduction to fair isle knitting as well, and I found myself breezing through the color chart.

Kitchen Linens

Crochet Dishcloths

My Easy-Peasy Dishcloths are a no-brainer. These are so quick and giftable. I recommend making a set of four, securing with ribbon or twine, and including a homemade tag with some washing instructions and a special note. This makes standard dishcloths a little more personal!

Tea Towel (Knit)

I have yet to make one of these, but the amount of times I use my Easy-Peasy Dishcloths as towels tells me that this Chili Pepper Kitchen Towel would be a favorite in my kitchen. Making a pair of these would gift well and can be personalized to the kitchen colors to whom this set will be gifted! These towels would also be a nice addition in a gift with dishcloths, depending on how much time (and yarn) you have. (This is also a free pattern!)


Chunky Cowl (Knit)

This Sunrise Cowl by Woolly Bear Knits is a fantastically quick yet indulgent knit. Worked with Malabrigo Rasta on US size 15 needles, this easy stranded knitting project comes together quickly and is a lovely item to gift. This is a great project to cast on if you do not have time for a hat but need something to wrap and put under the tree ASAP!

I am in love with these Sunrise Cowls!

Market Bag (Knit, Crochet)

Who doesn’t love a good market bag? These are not only great for the farmer’s market, but also for things like beach toys and accessories, yarn shopping (what a vicious cycle I’ve created…buying yarn to make a bag to hold more yarn to buy!), and storing winter clothes like hats, scarves, and mittens. I always bring an extra bag with me on vacations to account for souvenirs and these market bags fit conveniently in my suitcase. Here are links for crochet and knit market bags: Crochet Market Bag, Knit Onion Market Bag, Knit Standard Market Bag.

This Onion Market Bag is perfect for a quick trip for produce!

Ankle Socks (Knit)

Ankle socks can be a quick knit that uses up some extra sock yarn that we all have laying around. I think these are an adaptable pattern to any lightweight yarn you may have and can be adjusted to fit anyone, making these an awesome gift option. To gift these to women, I would use a feminine pastel color, and for men, I would plan on lengthening to a crew length with a sturdy and neutral color palette.

Hatdana (Knit)

How could I not include this!? This hatdana is my new favorite thing to make, by far! This hatdana works as a bandana, cowl, hat, head warmer, and conversation piece! It knits up quickly and is a creative alternative to a hat or cowl. If you’re looking to switch things up, or need something for a person who is hard to find gifts for, this is your project. It has a very simple cable motif running down the center line that can be done without a cable needle. I have a post about my finished hatdana if you are curious to hear more of my thoughts on this fabulous project.

My hatdana

I hope this helps you in the pursuit of holiday gifting! May your fingers be steady but speedy and your gifts be done in time! Happy holiday knitting, everyone.


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