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Revisiting the Midori Shawl

Back in August of 2020, I made my first Midori Shawl and fell in love with the squishy, luxurious, and warm wrap. After showing my shawl to my mother-in-law, it became clear that she would like her own, so I made her a matching Midori Shawl for Christmas!

The Midori Shawl features a simple knitted lace chevron pattern made from paired decreases and yarn overs. I think this lace motif looks botanical, perhaps as twin leaves or a tulip or petal design. This shawl can be wrapped around your shoulders for a traditional shawl style, worn as an oversized scarf, or thrown over the shoulder with a broach or pin.

For my mother-in-law’s shawl, I used the same pattern, yarn, and needles as I did for the original shawl. (Here is a link to my initial Midori Shawl blog post.) I used size US 9 needles with three skeins of Blue Sky Fibers’ Extra Aran in the shade “Butter Cream.” This yarn is so warm and soft, with a fiber content of 55% Baby Alpaca and 45% Fine Merino Wool. Of course, I used the Midori shawl pattern by Claudia Q for Eweknit, and I wet blocked this shawl to fit the final measurements provided in the pattern (58″ long by 17″ wide).

Each end of the Midori Shawl

Knitting this familiar pattern brought me much comfort. I enjoy working with a pattern I have previously made because I am more confident in both my stitches and the overall flow of the garment. Knowing what comes next helps me to better inform the current step.

My Midori Shawl, left, and halfway through my MIL’s shawl, right

I found this shawl worked up much more quickly than my initial one, in part because of my foreknowledge of the pattern, but also due to the weaning time frame before Christmas!

My mother-in-law absolutely loves her new shawl. She wears it on the beach for those cool evenings that are oh-so-cozy. I told her that whenever she wears it, to think of it as a big warm hug from me!

Both Midori Shawls

One last thing I wanted to share before I sign off today is that my friend Katie over at Mind & Matter Crochet recently had a Valentine’s Day sale for her beautifully crocheted items. I picked up a hat she made and I absolutely love it. The weather has been so cold where I live that a hat is no longer just something I wear outside; I’m usually wearing a hat inside, all day, too. I shared this photo of the hat she made on my Instagram earlier this week:

If you are interested in seeing her work or purchasing something from her Etsy shop, I have linked her Etsy page here and her Instagram page here. Go give her some love!

That’s all from me today. Hope you are having a nice week. Thanks for stopping by! Until we talk next, happy knitting.


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