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Feza Kit Baby Blanket

a luxurious, soft, and light blanket for a newborn

Today we are taking a look back at this baby blanket I knitted for my baby nephew. I finished it in February 2019 after picking up a kit at a local yarn store. (I believe the specific kit colorway I used is baby kit 506.) It measures approximately 24″ x 36″ and is machine washable! There are numerous varieties of color gradients to choose from, making it an incredibly gift-able item. (The forest green kit is calling my name…)

I absolutely loved the feel of this blanket. The hand dyed yarn, which is 50% viscose and 50% cotton, provides the perfect level of warmth while still being light. It is soft against the skin and has no “itchy” qualities to it whatsoever. The one minor gripe I had with this yarn is the way it was wound. It comes in a cake and can tangle easily. I recommend winding each cake into a ball prior to knitting in order to prevent any potential tangles mid-way through your project.

The finished blanket, hot off my needles

I used size 3 circular needles that were made of driftwood from the brand Lykke. This was my first time using size 3 needles for a large project. It took about a month to knit, however the wonderfully light blanket was worth it!

Working on my Feza Baby Blanket

The kit includes all the yarn you need to make this blanket, as well as the pattern in a convenient zipper pouch. I found the pattern incredibly easy to follow and memorize, as it is basically stockinette stitch with a modified garter stitch border.

The zipper bag in which the kit is stored

Now, this Feza gradient baby blanket happily lives with my young nephew! This was such a fun kit to make and gift. I would highly recommend giving this kit a try. From the various colorways offered (yellow and gray make for great gender-neutral options) to the sheer smoothness of this blanket, I hope you consider knitting it for the youngsters in your life. Until next week, happy knitting!

All done

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