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It’s been a while!

Hey everyone! It has been a while since I posted on Bilingwool. I wanted to give some updates and share more about my recent projects.

Currently, I have too many works in progress to start anything new. Yet, the inspiration doesn’t stop coming, and every day I’m thinking of more things I want to make. So, let’s start with what is on my needles right next to me before we get to my inspirations and aspirations.

I decided to make a pair of socks. Well, I am actually making two pairs of socks – one pair for me and a separate pair for my husband, Henry. My socks were inspired by a pair of shoes I bought recently; I found these amazing Swedish clogs and just had to get them. I thought they would style up nicely with some lacey knit socks underneath for the summer. I ordered four skeins of Malabrigo Sock yarn in the colors natural (white, pictured below), frank ochre (yellow, for my next pair), lettuce (light olive green, for my next next pair), and teal feather (for my next next next pair)! I cast on my first pair of Adrienne Ku’s Simple Skyp Socks in “Natural.” These socks are so fun to knit, and the “skyp” stitch was an instant click in my memorized catalogue of patterns.

turning the heel on skyp sock number one

For my husband’s socks, these are a project I have had in my WIP basket for almost a year now. I bought some Schachenmayr self-striping yarn on our honeymoon, and following a basic sock pattern, started making him some socks! I have turned the heel on sock number two of this pair so these should finish up just in time for our one year wedding anniversary. (Maybe instead of calling these, “Honeymoon Socks” I should call them, “Anniversary Socks”!?)

Henry’s socks, from a photo on my instagram story! I love this self striping yarn.

Next, I am still stranded on sleeve island with my Felix Pullover. For some reason, I just haven’t sat down and finished the second sleeve! Once I finish this sleeve, this will mark my first ever knitted sweater. I’ve knitted a ton of things but never a sweater, so I really wanted to find an easy and quick pattern to whip up to learn more about sweater design and structure. This sweater is made on size 10 US needles, so finishing this last sleeve shouldn’t take long once I actually get down to it!

I’ll be happy to leave sleeve island soon 😀

Finally, I’ve stopped working on my Nightshift Shawl for the past few months. This one has taken the back seat in my WIP bin because I got worried about messing up the color choices as I near the end. However, I have a working plan for the last two big chunks, and I think I will be able to put the right finishing touch on this vibrant shawl. Next time I make one of these, I am following a kit and not making it up as I go because I spent too much time worrying about the color story and not enough time enjoying the knitting. I really love this pattern (Andrea Mowry’s “Nightshift”), and the yarn is a splurge but so worth it, but I will be happy to be done with this one.

In the crochet side of the world, I have been making some very fun wall hangings inspired by macramé. I made one for my twin nieces’ nursery and another for my wall. These quick projects have been a great way to experiment with different textured crochet stitches like the Bobble stitch, and I will certainly be making more of these soon… Stay tuned for more wall hangings!

Western Style Wall Hanging

For the purple wall hanging, I followed Janet Pippin’s Western Style Wall Hanging pattern. This pattern starts at the smallest point of the triangle and gradually increases to your desired size width. I have to say this project was initially so challenging for me; I frogged and restarted at least five times before I finally understood the pattern. There were built-in “tassel mounts,” as I like to call them, that protruded from the end of each row. When there were only a few stitches initially, these tassel mounts seemed wrong, and felt uneven. Eventually I decided to trust the process and just go for it despite how weird things looked to me at first, and sure enough, it clicked and I was so happy with the result. I did a simple steam block for this western style wall hanging to help straighten out the tassels and shape the fabric into the look I wanted. I am so happy with this!

For the Bobble stitch wall hanging, I made up a pattern as I worked. I started with a simple double crochet back-and-forth foundation, into which I worked some raised bobbles forming a diamond pattern in the middle with two stripes of bobbles at the top and bottom of the whole piece. Tassels were the perfect pairing for this bohemian wall hanging. I love it!

Elsewhere in crochet land, I am becoming more and more inspired by granny square garments. I love the idea of making a daisy granny square cardigan, or a granny square blanket. I am still gathering ideas for a granny square project but I know one is on the horizons soon. (Maybe I even make this adorable cat granny square pillow??)

I’m looking forward to getting back to Bilingwool and posting more regularly here and on instagram. This blog has been a catalyst for my creative growth, and I really cannot wait to share more of the exciting things I have in store!

Until we talk next, happy knitting!


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