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Knitter’s Pride Ginger Deluxe Interchangeable Set

opening an early birthday present

Welcome back to the blog. This is my 30th post! Can you believe it? I have had so much fun writing and creating this space for all things knit and crochet. Today, I wanted to share with you all an exciting new addition to my tool kit.

Recently, I received these needles as an early birthday gift from my husband. A set of interchangeable needles has long been on my wish list, and is something I was overdue in owning. I couldn’t resist opening these early! New gear is a bit of a weakness for me… I so appreciate the element of knitting and crocheting that involves investing in new tools!

In this post, I will walk you through what is included in this interchangeable set of needles, as well as offer my thoughts on this kit so far.

This set of needles comes in a convenient vegan leather carrying case that is about the same size as an iPad or tablet. I absolutely love that this folds up into a stand for holding your printed patterns. Under the component card, there is a Knitter’s Pride logo sewn into the tan flap of the case. The case is held to itself by snaps sewn into the vegan leather.

On the back of the product sleeve, Knitter’s Pride promotes their ethical and sustainable resourcing and their efforts to bring jobs to women in India through production of these needles. The middle text bubble reads, “We’re also proud to share that our policy is to never refuse a job (or a smile) to a woman looking for work. After all, we believe that – through knitting – we can make the world a better place.” I though this was a sweet sentiment that makes me proud to support Knitter’s Pride!

The case unfolds to reveal three sections. The first section, at the very top, is a magnetic surface on which three small magnets and one long, narrow bar magnet reside. This is designed to hold your printed charts and patterns. I am so enthusiastic about using this! I think it is a great addition to this kit and is so practical. There are loops sewn into the sides of this portion that connect to the wooden knobs in the middle section to make the case stand up on its own.

Magnetic pattern holder section

The middle section holds the needle tips. These are the ginger needles, which, according to the Knitter’s Pride website, are made of the same, “much-loved, laminated wood” as their Symfonie Dreamz range. (The ginger and Symfonie Dreamz ranges of Knitter’s Pride needles are my absolute favorites.)

Needle sizes are laser cut into the needle so they never disappear

Needle sizes included in this kit are: US 3 (3.25mm), 4 (3.50mm), 5 (3.75mm), 6 (4.00mm), 7 (4.50mm), 8 (5.00mm), 9 (5.50mm), 10 (6.00mm), 10.5 (6.50mm), 11 (8.00mm), 13 (9.00mm), 15 (10.00mm), and 17 (12.00mm). I am SO happy this kit includes a size 17 needle tip! I definitely plan on making some cozy, chunky sweaters and hats with those. They have also included a pen in this kit (far left in photo below) which will be so useful with my paper patterns!

All the included needle tips and a pen

The third section is a pocket at the bottom in which accessories are stored. There are six connecting cables total, six end caps sets (12 end caps total), six cord keys, 20 stitch markers, and one set of cable connectors. The connecting cables come in three lengths, that when combined with the needle tips make 24″, 32″ and 40″ circular needles. While I love the freedom and flexibility that comes with these sizes, I really wish they included a cable to make 16″ circulars as well. I’m aware that I can purchase this option separately, however, with such a deluxe kit, I would love to see this option included.

Accessories included in the pocket

Since I have not had these for too long, I have yet to work a whole project with them yet. However, in the few trials that I did conduct, I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience with these needles so far. Knitter’s Pride laminated wood is so lightweight yet strong, and the feeling in my hands is unparalleled. I mainly using Symfonie Dreamz needles, which are essentially the same as these ginger needles. I am looking forward to many more projects being worked with my new interchangeable needles. I think I’ll pick my sweater back up with my new size 6, 40″ circular!

Testing out my new needles

I hope you enjoyed seeing a breakdown of this interchangeable set. I am very much looking forward to using this more and forming a more complete opinion on these needles. Stay tuned! This Friday, I have a post to share about a very unique project I’ve recently finished that proves necessity is the mother of invention. But, until then, happy knitting and crocheting!


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